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100 x 50 x 3 cm black - 59 EUR
Size of one panel: 100 x 50cm
The thickness of the part: 30mm
Structure: layered
Weight of one panel: 13,6kg
Warranty on parts of the floor is 24 months. To maintain the warranty and all the benefits wrought by product should be applied panels on a flat stable floor, such as concrete. Always judge strength and suitability of the floor. If you have the other type of floor and if you are not sure suitability, please contact us.
Universal sports floor system for functional training, weightlifting and power sports.

Special layered structure
The floor is composed of individual panels of dimensions 100 x 50 cm and a thickness of 30 mm. Special compact layered structure of these components is designed to meet the needs of all power sports.

It is solid, straight, tough and resistant to shock, but also as a whole has sufficient flexibility to efficiently absorb the energy of the dropped dumbbells, muffled noise and protect these dumbbells and floor from damage. Protect your equipment and the floor, and save money for their repair.

Suitable for power loaded parts of sports zones, where you need to protect the floor (leased premises, new floor, the impact zone for dumbbells) or where you need to protect your exercise equipment (to reduce wear and increase the life). Or where the need to reduce the noise generated by the impact of sports equipment. Universal application.

Variability - Build your own training zone exactly according to their wishes
Use only two components to impact zones for your barbell, create your training zone 2 x 2m or make complete floor for your gym.

Components need not be glued to the floor or another. Larger assemblies can be inserted into wooden or steel frame. The panels can be cut with a technical knife and adapt to any shape sports zone.

- Easy to assemble and use
- High resistance and durability
- High level of protection of exercise equipment and floor
- Absorbs shock, vibration and noise
- Mobile - quickly removable and portable
- Cleanable surface
- Easy replacement of only one panel in case of damage - no need to change the whole floor

Examples of use:
- Floor for weightlifting
- Floor for exercises with kettlebells
- Floor for functional training
- Floor for powerlifting
- Floor for exercises with steel cones
- Impact Zone for dumbbells